It is Official!

We applied last fall for our Non Profit Pet Rescue 501 (C) (3) and just received it in the mail! We are so very excited!!!

Pet Lives Matter 2 became a reality for us after my boss and her husband went down after the hurricane to help out! The horrific sight they saw was completely devastating.. Animals were tied up, stranded on roofs, sitting in water that they knew in their heart something had to be done! There were so many misplaced and left behind animals there! They were able to bring back a few of the dogs and we were able to find new loving homes for them. Fast forward to today...we are at full capacity and very grateful and thankful for all donations of every kind as you are helping us save lives! We are still needing donations of every kind just to keep these fur babies fed and healthy! Our kennel project is ongoing as we are growing so very quickly! So please help us with your donations so we can continue to take in dogs that are being surrendered or no longer wanted.

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