A little catching up!

Hello everyone! I have a little catching up to do! Since April, we have had some awesome adoptions, one family adopted all 3 brothers and sisters. We have a few new additions, and some really great stories! First of all I want to thank everyone for their support and donations! You are helping us fund our Kennel project and helping us to be able to take really good care of our Fur Babies that are still looking for their Fur Ever Homes! Please keep the donations coming! We are accepting blankets, sheets, towels, food, crates, and of course $$$$$$$$! We can always use the money, and ANY amount helps us greatly! We love and thank you all! Just take a look at all of these happy faces below.

Please see our new Adoptive parents below!

We recently went on a rescue out to a home nearby and could not believe our eyes, the living conditions of the home and these poor babies. We were able to rescue a mama pit and her 5 precious babies! Jeanette crawled under the home to get these babies out of danger..They were literally left to die! The owners packed up and moved, leaving her to fend for her self and the babies! They were in really bad shape and covered in fleas! We were able to get rid of the fleas, treat the skin conditions and now they are on the road to recovery as they are healthy and almost ready to adopt out!

In my next blog I will show videos of the rescue and before/after pictures.. It breaks my heart to see how mean and cold people can be to a mama dog and babies. But on a good note, they are all healthy, happy and they know we will take good care of them until we can find good homes for them! Please share our blog so hopefully we can find them all good homes! Look how happy mama dog is now!!!

Last but not least, I saved the best for last! It is official!!!!! We finally received our 501 (C) (3) Non Profit papers from the Department of Treasury! We are so excited about the future!

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