Awesome Adoption Weekend at Dallas Market Hall

This weekend was so amazing as we were able to place 4 out of 6 precious fur babies into new FUR ever homes! It just blesses my heart to see the new owners bond so quickly with their new babies. It also makes me proud when the owners that have previously adopted bring their fur baby by to show us how big and beautiful he/she is getting and sing praises of how much they love their baby! This is truly the best part of my job. It is so hard to say goodbye to our little ones, but knowing they are going to be loved, have a nice safe place to live, and someone that loves them makes everything OK.

Again we just want to thank all of our friends for all their donations and support! Please feel free to call or bring us any kind of donations in the form or toys, shampoo, Dog food ( Purina Puppy Chow) or Purina Dog food, these are things we go through a lot of!

There is no gun show this Easter Weekend but please come by and see us as we will be in Greenville Texas at PetSense on Saturday 3-31-18 at 9:00. You will just fall in love with our precious FUR babies!

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