Mission Statement

It's difficult to understand why people don't realize that pets are gifts to mankind. When we rescue any pet, we here at Pet Lives Matter 2 understand that this is one of God’s creatures, just like you and I. Our goal is to make sure these pets are well fed, vaccinated, neutered or spayed and well taken care of. Some take more than others, but our purpose is to have them survive, and survive well. Our vet clinic, Tri Lakes Vet, located in Mt. Pleasant, TX goes way beyond that of many others to make sure our rescues are well taken care of prior to adoption. Cathy Cranmore, DVM, is a “one of a kind” vet whom we owe a great debt of gratitude for her outstanding care of my own pets as well as the rescue’s. Our goal is to find not just good homes, but GREAT homes where these pets will be loved and cared for “fur-ever”. When we adopt out a dog or any pet, we know it is going to end with lots of tears and us having to say goodbye, but we still do it. And we do it for a very good reason: They bring so much joy, optimism and happiness to our souls. Unlike many humans, our four legged furry friends will give us unconditional love every second of every minute of every day! We hope that you will have as much love, caring and understanding in your heart for these furry friends as they will for you!! All donations are GREATLY accepted.

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